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Audience First

PhRMA Ad Operations

Treatments tailored to a patient's unique genetic makeup.

Chemotherapy drugs that target tumors and spare healthy tissue. Harnessing healthy immune cells to attack cancer. It’s all happening in biopharmaceutical labs across the United States.

Bringing innovation to patients requires time, resources and effective policy. The Pharmaceutical Researchers and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) partnered with Adfero on a multi-channel paid media strategy to educate and engage policymakers, patient groups, and industry about the future of health care.

For PhRMA, Adfero runs ad campaigns across social and digital ad channels, all anchored in an audience-first approach, ensuring a complex web of messages reach their targets in a seamless, thoughtful and timely way. Adfero’s strategy for PhRMA is the precision exercise of micro-targeted advertising spends. Using a combination of data sources, we reach PhRMA’s key audiences with real stories about the impact of policy and intellectual property law on science and research.

Adfero’s system produces key impact measurements spotting trends and honing messages to support PhRMA’s editorial operation. It also helps identify new digital formats to educate consumers and persuade policymakers.