Patient figures and the AMA logo

Everyone Has A Story

The American Medical Association

Health policy is complicated, but its impact on patients is direct.

Through the power of storytelling, Adfero clarified complex policy and provided a platform for community engagement.

The American Medical Association (AMA) advocates to fix prior authorization, a policy that requires health insurers to approve a treatment prior to a patient receiving it. When the AMA tasked Adfero with demystifying and communicating prior authorization's impact, we knew we needed to hear directly from the affected patients.

Our strategy to reach audiences important to the AMA centered on an emotional appeal to collect impactful stories. Through sophisticated targeting and effective communication on social platforms, we created a space for patients, physicians and others to share their personal accounts and form a community.

Using intentional and empathetic messaging, Adfero prompted the public to share their first-hand experiences with prior authorization. We spoke with patients and their families in-person and over the phone, and eventually filmed their testimonials on-camera. Through curated story collection and an in-depth understanding of our audience, we created a library of resources to invoke change.

Within six months of launching the campaign, Adfero collected hundreds of stories. As the campaign approaches the one-year mark, that number is now close to one thousand. The prior authorization campaign is helping to create complimentary conversations to facilitate conversations in state legislatures: Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Missouri removed certain prior authorization barriers to treatment, and more states are continuing to discuss similar legislation.