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Leading Through the COVID-19 Crisis



Overnight, everything changed.

As the coronavirus pandemic spread across the globe, the U.S. felt the pressure. Hospitals began to overflow. PPE shortages erupted. Testing capacity lagged behind demand. Members of the Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed) found themselves at the front lines of the COVID-19 response, facing an unprecedented need for medical devices, supplies and tests to combat infections.

In the face of a crisis, AdvaMed needed to define their essential role in the industry and provide nimble, innovative and solution-seeking results during the pandemic.     


Adfero embraced the challenge at hand and the industry’s core values to show patients, policymakers and healthcare providers that the medtech industry would support first responders through every stage of the crisis, from testing to treatment and even containment.

To hit the ground running, Adfero developed a strategic framework and creative concept that guided the immediate crisis communications needs. Our team launched a multi-channel digital campaign to reach audiences quickly with up-to-date messaging, positioning AdvaMed as a uniting force for its members and ultimately a leader in the crisis.

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Throughout the course of the digital campaign, we proactively highlighted industry production rates and breakthroughs, showcasing the heroes behind the medical technology industry who have made a difference in the fight against COVID-19. To help voice that story, we positioned AdvaMed’s CEO Scott Whitaker as a thought leader in the space.

Our efforts amplified earned media hits across national networks, streaming services and radio along with creative content and storytelling across social platforms.

Adfero recognized the importance of balancing the record-breaking production numbers with the people responsible for the work.


We produced a video to showcase real employees from across the country making ventilators, testing kits and equipment. We helped patients and healthcare providers see the faces of the medtech employees who have worked nonstop to change the course of the pandemic.


Our objective was to remind Americans that no matter how far apart we may be, we are never alone. They heard the message. Based on a Back-to-Normal Barometer survey, 57% of respondents said their perception of the industry became more positive during COVID-19.

The first responder video debuted with record engagement levels for AdvaMed’s social content, garnering more than one million views across Twitter and Facebook.

We also saw a 61% increase of mentions of AdvaMed on social media during rapid-response efforts. As the pandemic response continues to transform, we are taking these insights and developing a long-term reputation campaign for AdvaMed.