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Not Just for CEOs

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John Elway, Super Bowl Champion.

Shaquille O’Neal, NBA champion. Arnold Schwarzenegger, former governor and Terminator. Trendsetters. Record holders. All MBA graduates.

Masters in Business Administration (MBA) programs train students to see the relationship between the world’s economies, negotiate and close big deals and motivate people and teams to successskills essential in any profession, not just business.

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) asked Adfero to help perspective students realize how business skills transfer to any pursuit.

On GMAC’s site, users start by identifying their motivator: Improving global health. Protecting the environment. Making the world a safer place. Next, they deep dive into field-specific careers, ones where an MBA puts them a step ahead of their competition. To maximize chances for user engagement, we designed the tool and its content for students starting their MBA journey and those further down the degree path.

Similar websites engage users for an average of three minutes, according to benchmarks for higher education websites. GMAC’s career engages them for twice as long.