Pickering Energy Partners

Standing Out in the Crowd

Pickering Energy Partners


In a 24-hour news cycle, how can your business effectively break through the constant noise? Pickering Energy Partners asked this question when they sought to position themselves and their Chief Investment Officer (CIO) as the go-to thought leader in the energy space. An already crowded news cycle became even more so with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, and Pickering needed to stand out in a quickly changing energy landscape.


Sometimes the key to standing out in a crowd is first building trust. Adfero worked to position Dan Pickering, CIO, as a reliable, thoughtful voice by securing TV interviews that would place Pickering at the forefront of the energy space. We paid close attention to the news cycle to identify appropriate opportunities that fit Pickering’s expertise — pitching media outlets on how the energy industry both supports and has been impacted by Americans’ lifestyle changes in 2020.

We pitched Pickering’s CIO as a voice that could react to the morning’s energy markets and next day outlook. By being flexible, Adfero quickly identified potential opportunities and helped the Pickering team take advantage of last-minute opportunities.


Pickering had a present, recurring voice during the initial three months of the pandemic. Dan Pickering provided insights on the OPEC price wars, the Value over Volume approach, the historically low oil prices after the COVID-19 outbreak and daily changes in the energy market. The Adfero team secured 12 appearances across national media like CNBC, Bloomberg and Fox media over the first few months of the COVID-19 outbreak — these three outlets have a combined average viewership of 29 million. Not only did Pickering’s insights reach millions of ears and eyes, Pickering built a reputation as a trusted voice on energy in the business space, showing potential and current clients why Pickering is a valuable partner.