Worker inspecting a natural gas meter

Supporting U.S. Communities

American Gas Association


In uncertain times, individuals crave stability. In a chaotic pandemic, stability is embraced with open arms.

Since 1918, the American Gas Association (AGA) has improved the quality of life for natural gas consumers. Fast forward to 2020: a year marked by a global public health crisis and societal change. Yet Americans’ preference for and reliance on this energy source remains. American communities and the economy at-large depend on the positive impacts of the natural gas industry.

During this pivotal time, industries and companies found themselves in uncharted territory. While brands want to stay relevant to their consumers, they don’t want to detract from the crisis response or appear to trivialize the conversation. Without direct ties to the front lines of the pandemic response, we needed to bring AGA into the conversation.


First, we developed a content strategy for AGA based on a universal truth: communities across the country need safe, dependable energy to fuel their everyday lives. In the wake of COVID-19, this commitment to reliability, dedication and community was key in helping consumers find normalcy in their daily lives.

Next, we needed a hook, something that consumers could rally behind. As the pandemic escalated, Adfero and AGA recognized that consumers’ values were moving towards community building. This shift led us to resurface a previously used tagline, #FuelingOurCommunities. By bringing structure to the tagline and building a story around the industry’s valuable role in communities nationwide, #FuelingOurCommunities relaunched.

Adfero created multi-channel advertising strategy to showcase AGA’s efforts in a relatable way — sharing first-hand accounts of what natural gas providers do for their communities, from financial donations to volunteer work. Through a branded suite of content, the approach reaffirmed AGA’s reputation while raising awareness and building trust among consumers. Although specific to the industry’s pandemic response for the time being, this approach can be tailored to other issue areas in the future, giving the campaign longevity and room for growth.


The renewed focus on #FuelingOurCommunities paired with clear guidelines for how and when to activate the campaign allowed our team to increase the conversation around the hashtag, growing from 11 to 1,733 mentions across AGA’s social channels in less than four months (over a 15,000% increase). The conversation also expanded beyond AGA to member companies and industry influencers who began resharing the #FuelingOurCommunities messaging and tagging their content with the hashtag. From op-ed placements to radio interviews to partnered social content, the team also positioned AGA’s CEO as an industry thought leader, highlighting the industry’s impact on communities during the pandemic.