General Electric infographic

Ten Words or Less

General Electric

Imagine a complex subject.

(We’ll give you some ideas: nuclear physics, time slowing down as it approaches the speed of light – mind-blowing but true.) Now – as a great reddit forum posed –explain it in ten words or less.

General Electric (GE) faced that challenge: Oil and gas was booming. The ever-growing industry needed ever-better solutions. Enter GE’s Industrial Internet services: digital platforms to measure equipment performance, optimize plant operations and analyze financial portfolios. Explaining the software wasn’t a problem. Explaining the software – and its link between an increased demand for energy, digital evolutions in how companies work, past lessons applied to present time and the value of digital solutions to a growing industry – was another story. 

So Adfero changed the narrative: We told the story in pictures.

We took a key but complex white paper on oil and gas’ future and decoded it with icons, graphs and crisp copy, transforming GE’s findings into a visually-driven online portal for journalists and thought leaders to quickly access and easily digest. The copy served more as caption than paragraph, letting the visuals do the talking. The web portal included share graphics, giving stakeholders a means to amplify GE’s content and further establish its thought leadership.