A Team Of Creative Strategic Communicators

We Are A Team Of Creative, Strategic Communicators

Together, we are left and right-brained; we are innovative and intentional; we are gifted artists and cogent writers. Because we are a team, no challenge is too great: we know how to play to each other’s strengths in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

We’re creative…not conformist. We have a strong track record for bringing our clients big ideas: it’s never about “how can we do this?” but rather “how can we do this better?” Sometimes that means taking a calculated risk or parting with convention to achieve an objective, and we feel good about that.

We’re strategic…not formulaic. There are no “plug and play” solutions at Adfero – each challenge is approached with the same level of attention and scrutiny as the next. We get results because we strive to see the bigger picture and ask the right questions up front.

Our Core Purpose

Our core purpose as a firm is different than most. We recognize that each of our team members sees the world – and approaches challenges – in a unique way. Our clients directly benefit from the wide range of perspectives, talents and experiences that Adfero employees offer, and it is therefore in our interest to fully invest in each member of our team.

So we take employee development very seriously. This means devoting significant time and resources to build upon the distinctive talents of each individual so that he or she is empowered to be a truly thoughtful, strategic advisor to our clients. When our team members thrive, our clients receive the best service.

Our Culture

We strongly believe that the best work is produced by people who love what they do. But no matter how much we love launching advocacy campaigns, building websites, or writing creative ad copy, nothing beats a culture of energy, inclusion, and – you guessed it – fun.

Our culture resolves are four central values:

  • Harambee. We all pull together.
  • Learn from mistakes. Strive to improve.
  • Be responsible for results.
  • Respect the dignity and abilities of each individual.
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We Solve Complex Problems

Whether you need to grow revenue, generate buzz, establish your brand, build a community, influence policy, drive your audience to action (or all of the above), no challenge is too great. You can trust us with your toughest work.

We Build Awareness of Ideas

You know what you want to communicate. We handle the how, meaning we craft the perfect messages, select the ideal channels, and time it all perfectly so that your ideas or issues get noticed.

We Create and Promote Brands

Your reputation is everything. A strong, unified brand provides your organization with legitimacy, trust, and distinction in the market space. Everyone has a story; let us help you tell it.

We Engage and Activate Audiences

We believe that driving people to action is an art, not a science. First, we figure out what makes your audience tick; then, we create compelling messaging and content that motivates them to join up and speak out.

We Influence Public Policy

Our offices are on K Street for a reason. Whether you’re looking to us for public affairs support, digital advocacy and/or grassroots mobilization, we do it all. And we get results.

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Case Studies

Whether it’s a single project or an ongoing campaign, it all starts with a powerful strategy. Sometimes, a challenge calls for a creative, out-of-the-box solution; other times, getting results means going back to the basics. Either way, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, and our work reflects that.

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Join Our Team

Future Client

You’ve come to the right place. Just a few more clicks and we can start helping you tackle your latest project or challenge. And, if we daresay, we’re pretty great to work with.

Future Employee

Adfero is a growing company and it’s an exciting time to be part of our team. We’re always looking for standout talent: team players who love what they do, are hungry to learn and eager for a challenge.


We Give Back

We take great pride in our work and our people, and we believe in spreading the good around. Whether that means supporting another organization that’s doing great things or empowering our team members to help make a difference in their own communities, altruism is important to us.

We Are a Team

We’re not about individual status; each member of our staff occupies an important seat at the table. When clients choose to work with Adfero, they know that they are hiring people who are collaborative, supportive and challenge-oriented. In other words, they know that they are hiring a great team.

We Invest in You

Our core purpose as a firm is to create opportunities for people to do what they do best. But fulfilling that mission doesn’t stop at offering jobs to talented people -- our growth and success at the company level is every bit as important as the individual growth of each of our team members.

We Take Care of You

We take the physical, mental and emotional well-being of our team members very seriously. Work/life balance is not just a concept we tout; we want our employees to take breaks and enjoy the utmost flexibility. And when it comes to benefits, we don’t stop at the basics.

We Have Fun

Loving what you do and having fun go hand-in-hand. Adfero employees are united by a zeal for communication, to be sure, but we also share a strong desire to enjoy our work and each other. Our culture embraces humor, quirkiness, curiosity —and even a little bit of friendly competition.


Adfero Group understands that the quality of our people directly impacts the quality of the work we present to our clients. As a result, the excellence in our products and services are mirrored by the excellence of our people. The people who make up Adfero Group tend to be both creative and forward thinking while holding themselves and their work to the highest levels of quality. They have come to us from a broad range of professional and educational paths, and bring to the table a wide array of talents and skills.

Although we operate in a challenging, fast-paced and agile work environment, we think it is important to remain committed to our people. People are our number one resource and deserve to be treated as such.

To work at Adfero Group is to work in a collaborative, team-centered environment. The work performed is demanding, complex, exciting, and fun. Adfero Group employs people who are either part time or full time in order to achieve the needs of our clients. In the end, we desire to create an exciting place to work and grow.

  1. Ideal candidate is passionate about creative problem solving and is an excellent writer.

  2. The individual will work on advertising, public education and issue advocacy projects for our clients, as well as Adfero-branded marketing efforts.

  3. Ideal candidate is passionate about creative problem solving and is an excellent writer.

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